“Surfing the web in a filter bubble”.

Image                          Surfing the web in a filter bubble? this is news to me. When I saw the title for this I said to myself what is this about? so like others in the class I presume I took to Google in search of answers and found more than I bargained for. After my research I found that basically a filter bubble is a program as such which based on you current information for example for me Killarney Co. Kerry is my address the filter bubble shows up relevant stuff to my likes which I may have stated on my facebook etc say football and then show me matches happening in and around the Killarney area.Now when I explained it like this to myself I believe I already new about it but just didn’t really take much notice of it all ignorance being bliss and that. So after all this the topic certainly peaked my interest and so i further researched it and came across the argument  for and against the filter bubble and personally I would have to say I am for the filter bubble.Image When I search the web for matches on in my area I don’t want to know about matches in Dublin or even further away. I want to have stuff relevant to me appearing on the of my Facebook or YouTube not something completely irrelevant to me and wasting my time. I do understand though where the opposition to the filter bubble comes from where it feels like the search engines like that of Google, Bing are just feeding you want you want to hear so to speak and cutting off all other information out their which you may find interesting, and I can see how this could be frustrating and Eli and co would want to change this but just leave me out of it!! Simple as that im happy for the time being in my bubble. 


Till next time….


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