” Facebook has more than 1.6 billion visitors a week and if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world. “

“18-34 years old Facebook users, which is the 48% of all Facebook users, check their profile page as soon as they wake up in the morning.”

“Facebook is translated to over 70 different languages.”

” 425 million Facebook users are on mobile and they are twice as active than non-mobile users.”

Above are a few jaw dropping facts about Facebook to set the scene. So Is Facebook taking over our lives?? I believe it is I know personally it’s taking over mine. Now I wouldn’t say i have an addicted personality but their something about “the book”.

I am one of those people though I hate to admit it that check my account first thing in the morning even before my emails or on  a college day my timetable I even have it opened on the other tab as i write this so the proof is in the pudding don’t you think. I know a bit ridiculous but in my defence I am not one of those people who put up stupid repetitive statuses constantly but I could name a few of my ” Facebook friends” that do I hope. I think it’s the fact that If I don’t log in that I maybe missing out on something, some bit of news etc. If I had to take a guess on the number of times I log on I would say roughly 10 times a day maybe more. When I was thinking what I was going to write for this blog entry and how I was going to approach it so I decided to try do a fast so to speak for Facebook and I’m ashamed to say I lasted literally 6 hours and the only reason I lasted that long was because I was out where I have no internet.

The growth in  smart phone users has also led to the increase in Facebook addicts I believe with  some people seemingly have their phones in their hands at all time and subsequently Facebook opened aswell checking for if their status has gained any like’s looking for acceptance from peers who they may not even be close with, and subjecting people to information they do not want to know. 

 Communicating through this media in the end can’t be good as eventually people will not be able to talk face to face and social skills will continue to degrade with eventually people won’t be able to talk without a monitor in front of them. Maybe even someday someone will get treatment for this addiction ha but like it’s predecessors before it in the social media game, bebo etc. How long till Facebook is replaced and what can the do to stop it.  This brings me on to my final point being the unveiling of new features to keep it fresh


Just to note 

Till next time


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