“Apps are dead long live mobile”


“Apps are dead long live mobile”.

Now in my opinion this is a very bold statement to say. I would have to disagree with it. People use app’s everyday from purchasing music to food & drink to accessing their bank accounts.  An example of how useful apps can be is the Airlingus app where a person can book a flight and also check in through this. Now you will hear the argument from some people that Apps change the interaction with brands and that 1 in 4 apps are only used once , and some App’s are downloaded just for the novelty factor and to a certain extent they would be right but  According to Localytics’ analysis, about 31% of mobile users opened up their apps at least 11 times or more over a nine-month period, up from 26% a year ago proving that not all Apps are trivial.

With the above information I hope it will make you think about it my point without dismissing Apps with a statement like the above “Apps are dead long live mobile” but i believe App creators will have to kick it up a notice. 

With the advance in mobile technology they will have some real competition.

Last year 6.5 billion mobile devices where sold with 1 billion being smartphones and an expected 840million to be shipped in 2013.By the year 2014 more people will be accessing the internet from phone’s than PC’s. We see that people purchasing products in a shop with smartphones, 44% of these will compare prices . A whopping 74% of purchasers will look at the product online before purchasing. We see smartphone users admit to this with 53% admitting to showrooming.

With the advances in mobile purchasing paying through PSMS and DCB i.e. paying through credit soon your phone will act like a mobile wallet. 

With all the above points it looks to be an exciting time for mobile users with more and more sites online becoming mobile friendly like that of AIB etc and with the future possibllities seeming endless and who know’s the above statement may be proven through.



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