Blogging??? My opinion on it.

So what do I think about blogging?? Well it’s a great way for someone to voice their opinions through a free medium which can reach millions of people worldwide a number of people who they couldn’t reach normally  to debate with others their opinions on matters they feel important to them or can be used as an on line journey for them to share the in’s and out’s of their days and many others uses, these people placing great value on these and their information Me, not so much now, I feel that blogging is not for me, now I do look at the occasional food critic blog say if I am going to a restaurant and I wanted to know other people’s opinions of the standard of food and the same with movies but writing my own blog? hmm I don’t think so not that I think there’s anything wrong with it   and not to offend people but it’s just not for me, I’m not that kinda of a person that likes to share my taught opinion’s etc. with other people whether friends or unknown I’d consider myself quite a personal person, sharing with my close friends and family perhaps but  that Is as far as it goes so I don’t see myself taking up blogging full-time or becoming a serial blogger any time soon but I have to say Its wasn’t as bad as I taught it would be…

That’s all from me today folk, 

Till next time so long.


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