#addicted to twitter



So firstly I’d like to start off with I am a twitter virgin and before this blog I actually didn’t fully understand what it is, ” I know your probably saying to yourself now have I been living under a rock for the last few years and the answer is NO just under a roof with very poor internet connection(maybe the reason is because I have lost so many smart phones I have given up on buying a new one Nokia 3210 all the way).  So in preparing for this blog I did my bit of research (In the process creating an account) so I would know exactly what it is p.s all the rest of the twitter virgins reading this play close attention to the following:

Twitter is an online social networking site and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets“. I know right I wasn’t expecting that either. When I examined twitter more closely I noticed the # hastag and straight away brought back memories of  another social networking site  it’s competitor Facebook and my “friends” on Facebook giving out about people using the Hastag like for example after a status #blablablabla and it being irrelevant but on twitter Image


The further I researched twitter the more amazed I was of how popular it is. below are a few facts I came across:

 There are 100 million active Twitter users.
 50 percent of these 100 million users log in every day.
 40 percent of Twitter users don’t actually tweet; instead, they read news, click links, and follow accounts.
15 percent of adult on the Internet used Twitter in February 2012.
 Twitter has 500 million registered profiles; 100 million are from the U.S.
 The top three countries that use Twitter are the United States, Brazil, and Japan.
 Twitter gets 300,000 new visitors every day.
 11 Twitter accounts are created every second.
One million accounts are added to Twitter every day
 On a busy day, Twitter sees about 175 million tweets.
 750 tweets are shared on Twitter per second.
If Twitter were a country, it would be the 12th largest in the world.
 30 percent of Twitter users have an income greater than $100,000. There are more searches on Twitter each month than Yahoo and Bing—combined (24 billion vs. 4.1 billion and 9.4 billion, respectively).

And these fact are from last year so I could only imagine the figures this year with the increasein smart phones users and as I found out 60% of twitter users access their accounts with their smart phones. With people being able to select who they follow and post stuff uncensored I have no doubt it wont be long before Twitter catches Facebook with the ever growing list of famous people on it from lady gaga to Rio Ferdinand to Barack O Bama to Colette Murphy it will make for some interesting times ahead and who knows I may become as addicted to it as I am with Facebook provide I invest in a new smart phone and don’t lose it.


Till next time